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Spotted: 9:30 @ Dufferin station

Saw Zanta this morning!
Had a bad morning today fighting with the neighbors cause they've been PEEING IN THE BACKYARD!! But thats a whole other topic.
Was mad by the time I got to Dufferin but before the subway even came I saw Zanta! I 'yesyesyes'd him and he came over with a big grin to shake my hand. We talked a few minutes and he told me how he was on his way to the Kenny vs Spenny taping at 1:30 this afternoon. I suggested he get them shirtless with Santa hats on the subway. He loved the idea HAHA
When the subway came he tried to get everyone to say 'hi' to the person next to him but no one but me would do it. Which was a bit weird HAHA. Anyway. Couple stops later he was gone at Dundas West and everyone on the subway was miserable again

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