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Dear Mayor Miller:

Dear Honorable Mayor Miller,

I am a frequent visitor to Toronto. My first visit was 3 years ago during the big Black Out. My flight was one of the last allowed to land.

I met some wonderful people during that unusual trip, and have returned every 3-4 months since then. My family of 5 loves visiting Toronto, the feel of the city, the diversity, the warmth of the people. We are frequent guests at the Delta Chelsea, the Marriott Eaton Centre, or the Sheraton City Centre

One person I have found to be truly amazing is known as Zanta. The first time I saw him on the street, I was taken aback. What a unique look! But he never asked for money or appeared threatening in any way. In fact, his athletics and cheers of "YES YES YES!" are positive things.

Please allow this unique character to freely visit the downtown core. Some visitors (or tourists) like me never see him unless he's breaking the law by coming to where WE are.

Like the "Naked Cowboy" in Times Square (NYC), Zanta is a part of the cityscape, a pop culture icon, an asset to Toronto.

Dig a little deeper. Discover his story. Find a place in the HEART of your diverse City for this interesting, warm, and positive person.

Respectfully yours,

Atlanta, Georgia
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